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Hsunami shaft 2.0 DR dark roasted joint type torrified
The ALL NEW Hsunami  2.0 DR

Introducing the latest Hsunami shaft featuring an extended torrification process. The extended torrification process turns the wood a dark rich chocolate color while reducing shaft deflection even further than the original. The ALL NEW 2.0 version has several internal upgrades including a phenolic insert for all large pin cues, giving the shaft an even better connection to the butt of your cue. The new version will also have two new premium ferrule options (see below).

Order here: Hsunami 2.0DR Order Form

Hsunami 2.0DR Video Review
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Hsunami 2.0 Joint w logo 2 - Copy.jpg
Joint Type

As with the original version, the 2.0 can be ordered with most joints. From the most popular joints to some rare pins such as 7/16-11 or a 3/8-11.5, please contact Richard if you don't see your joint on the new order form.

Phenolic Insert

The new 2.0 shafts will include a phenolic insert for any shafts that does not require a brass insert. The upgrade will ensure the threads remain undamaged from wear and will also provide a better connection for the shaft to mate with the butt of your cue.

Hsunami 2_edited.jpg
Hsunami 2_edited.jpg
Ferrule Options

In addition to the original vault plate or linen based melamine(LBM) ferrule, we're now offering paper micarta vault plate and ferrule. Paper micarta is one of the most sought after material to use for a ferrule other than elephant ivory. Micarta has a unique hit/feel that no other material can compare.

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